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Business Finance

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The 2015-2016 Curriculum update is coming December 2015!  

If you want the flexibility to alter the original Microsoft Office documents (Lessons, Finals, and Forms only) to suit your teaching style,  you will need to buy the curriculum cds. Purchasing the cds, gives greater freedom to the teacher, insuring that their lesson material is available and ready regardless of the internet’s current condition.

*Math Skills Worksheets are only included in PDF format and cannot be altered.

Our Business Finance Curriculum brings the students together as they work in companies to build on the Personal Finance curriculum and learn how math is used by businesses.

Topics covered:

  • Unit 1: Getting a Job
  • Unit 2: Calculating Payments
  • Unit 3: Checks
  • Unit 4: Wages and Incomes
  • Unit 5: Meal Planning & Saving Money
  • Unit 6: Budgeting
  • Unit 7: Medical Insurance
  • Unit 8: Automobile Insurance
  • Unit 9: Understanding Interest
  • Unit 10: The Stock Market
  • Unit 11: Buying a Car
  • Unit 12: Buying a House
  • Unit 13: Home Remodeling
  • Unit 14: Party Planning

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